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  • Weight100 mg


  • South Korea South Korea
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P.H.A Toner

Soothing & Calming Care for Sensitive Skin

01 Oil & Sebum Control

P.H.A Toner enables Oil Control for oily and oily & combination skins due to excessive production of sebum and Sebum Control for sensitive skins. It keeps skin in the pleasant state all day.

02 Tightening P.H.A Toner's plant extracted ingredients tighten up pores and softens skin texture.

03 Moisturizing & Soothing P.H.A Toner has the excellent effects of rich moisturizing and soothing.

04 Recover of pH Balance D P.H.A Toner is mild for sensitive skin to use.


"Superior Cosmetic Ingredients"

Skin-friendly Ingredients Extracted from Plants



Recommended Combination of A.H.C Products

Tips Use Tip :

For 1-2 times of special skin treatment, first apply and get P.H.A Toner and Serum fully absorbed into skin before using special mask sheets (Velvet Mask) in order to maximize the efficacies. After the use of the mask sheets, finish the skincare by applying P.H.A Cream to create the synergy effect.

  1. P.H.A Velvet Mask : Dramatic effects for skin with one mask sheet!

  2. P.H.A Serum : skin Serum Ampoule for oil and sebum Control

  3. P.H.A Cream : No more trouble ~ Sebum control Cream!


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P_H_A Toner

P_H_A Toner