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Miniature Set (Sunflower/Rose/Jasmine)

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Miniature Set (Sunflower/Rose/Jasmine)


  • To increase your skin elasticity by moisturizing and Whitening, and help absorption next on steps makeup.
  • Oolu is organic cosmetics. 





"Jade-like products for all customers around the world!"



C. I. : The character at the center is read ai or ae.

It contains the companys creed to find and provide jade-like, valuable products to our customers while protecting our jade-like planet.   

AI Global is a specialized trading company established to supply excellent products to Korean consumers around the world.

  we will deliver products that are competitive in price from cosmetics, clothing, bags, accessories to customers around the world through stable delivery method.

  Business, B2B, B2C business methods are available, and online trading is available. From samples to bulk purchases.

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